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A Short History of Climate Alarm! - by Paul Homewood for the GWPF

London, 9 March: A review published today by the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) sets out the sad yet enlightening history of failed climate predictions. The paper, by climate writer Paul Homewood, looks back to the days before global warming alarm, and takes a wry look at how calamity constantly seems to give humanity a miss. Homewood says, “It doesn’t matter what area of the climate you are looking at, climatologists have an extraordinary ability to be wrong. From the 1970s scare about a coming ice age, to tropical islands sinking beneath the waves, to permanent drought, they always seem to miss the target.” And while their predictions tend to be of the doom laden kind, that’s not always the case. As Homewood explains, "Calamity is the touchstone of the climate scientist, and getting it wrong is their default mode. Unfortunately, even on the rare occasions they bring us good news, such as claims that the UK would develop a Mediterranean climate, their predictions have proven no better. Are these really the right people to guide public policy?”

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