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A ten point programme to revive British manufacturing - by Frank Field for The New Statesman

Levelling up our regional economies through the revival of British manufacturing is a key campaigning commitment for us at BringitBack. To that end, we are delighted to promote Frank Field's ten-point plan to revive British manufacturing with its particular emphasis on the Merseyside region, an area he has represented in Parliament for more than forty years.

"I have submitted to the Prime Minister a ten-point plan which has as its objective a turbocharging of British industry and the creation of at least a million new jobs in manufacturing over the next decade. Each of the proposals stems from my recent discussions and correspondence with manufacturing firms in and around Birkenhead, on the policies that they believe could achieve this objective, as well as what the available evidence tells us about an effective pro-manufacturing policy."

The former Labour MP advocates a package of policies to stimulate Britain's regional economies, including changes to rules on procurement, a commitment to raise overall R&D to 2% of GDP, targeted tax credits for exporters and for skills training and a comprehensive programme of infrastructure investment especially in transport. Taken together these represent a list of measures that could transform the prospects for British manufacturing.

The article can be read in full below with a link to the original beneath it:

Article for The New Statesman by Frank F
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