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Big Brexit freedom bonus – First UK Freeport in Teesside goes operational today - Brexit Facts4EU

“Having left the EU we now have the freedom to do things differently,” says Lord Frost

Significant boost for North-East: in jobs, in trade, and in investment, thanks to Brexit

In a major announcement overnight, the Government has declared the UK’s first post-Brexit Freeport officially open as of today.

Teesside Freeport has begun operations this morning (19 Nov 2021) putting the region at the forefront of manufacturing and innovation, green energy, and boosting jobs, trade and investment.

Lord Frost was jubilant overnight

“Having left the European Union we now have the freedom to do things differently, including setting up new Freeports to turbo-charge our trade with the world’s fastest growing markets.

“Today’s announcement is great news for Teesside and it shows that we are maximising the opportunities of Brexit to create well-paid jobs and drive growth right across the UK. As well as more Freeports, we want to go further and faster to create a competitive, regulatory environment which supports innovation and boosts inward investment.”

and Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said:

“The day has finally come – after years of campaigning and shouting about the transformative potential of a freeport for Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool, we’re at last open for business.

We’re throwing our doors open to the world, showing businesses that we’re a truly outward-looking, international region ready to welcome the cutting-edge sectors of the future. We’re already reaping the benefits of the Teesside Freeport with the likes of GE who are creating thousands of good-quality well paid jobs for local workers.”

Teeing up post-Brexit growth in the Tees Valley

In March of this year the Tees Valley was announced as one of the first places to get Freeport Status under the new Government policy to create Freeports across the country.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

UK's first new post-Brexit Freeport - Teeside

  • Covers 4,500 acres

  • Size of over 2,500 football pitches

  • Creating up to 18,000 jobs

  • Generating up to £3.2bn to local economy

Covering 4,500 acres, the Teesside Freeport is the largest in the UK. To put the size into perspective, it is equivalent to 2,550 football pitches. It is expected to create more than 18,000 mostly skilled jobs and provide a £3.2billion boost to the local economy over the next five years.

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Big Brexit freedom bonus – First UK Freeport in Teesside goes operational today - article
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