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Boris Johnson will need to channel more than Churchill to beat the Blob - by Francis Dearnley

Invoking political giants like Churchill or Thatcher along with their binary solutions to problems is less than useful according to The Telegraph's Assistant Comment Editor in an article dated 20.01.22. The world is now so complex, the challenges so great,

"perhaps a different kind of leader is needed. The historian of ideas Isaiah Berlin identified two different types of great leader: the kind who govern through 'concentration of willpower, directness and strength' — a Churchill or Thatcher — and those who 'possess antennae of the greatest possible delicacy' — i.e. those whose skills are multifaceted, and require a more subtle form of political genius in order to navigate the complexity of their age. If politics is the art of the possible, then these leaders are capable of pushing that possibility to the edge without disturbing the equilibrium.

Today, such a great leader would need to be fluent in the age of mass communications and the web of interconnected systems that control the world; they would need to have their eye on the big issues coming down the road: mass migration, big data, artificial intelligence, climate change, the encroaching threat of cultural and political authoritarianism. They would look beyond the narrow definitions of leadership we thirst for, and see there are other ways of governing more conducive to what is required, artfully outmanoeuvring and out-thinking the vested interests, especially in Whitehall.

We have said it before and it remains a running campaign theme at BIB: taking on the unelected state, the Blob, is now the central task for any reforming government:

This is the essence of what Dominic Cummings has been saying all along, though it has been misinterpreted by those who think he merely has an axe to grind. If one reads his blogs, it is the dysfunctional institutional structure that is his enemy more than prime ministers themselves. Only by reforming the systems of governance — the Blob, for want of a better word, though in reality it runs deeper than that — can the country advance. "

The full article can be read here with a link to the original beneath it:

Article for the Telegraph by Francis Dearnley - Boris Johnson will need more than Churchi
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