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Brexit-hating global elite watches Britain's chaos with glee - by Allister Heath for the Telegraph

As delegates get ready to assemble for the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester next week, the mood amongst party workers is febrile. Allister Heath captures the sense of simmering rage:

"What’s wrong with this Government? Why is it so passive, veering from crisis to crisis without a strategy, devoid of any meaningful plan? Speak to the Prime Minister’s core supporters, and you soon detect that an earlier sense of disappointment is mutating into a slow, mounting fury at the chaos and incompetence that this Government increasingly exudes."

So widespread is the disenchantment, so deep-seated the anger that many are wondering who on earth they voted for in 2019. From rising taxes and rising crime to mass migration and queues at the pumps, "Vote Johnson Get Corbyn" seems to be the mantra doing the rounds:

"Such people voted Brexit in 2016 and Tory in 2019 because they thought the country was on the wrong track and that it was time for a radical shake-up. They are starting to fear that they wasted their time, that this Government will let them down just as badly as previous ones did, on crime, on the economy and on cultural issues.

It is hardly a surprise, therefore, that so many Tory voters are upset. They are right that the Government’s incompetence is humiliating Britain. One of the many advantages of Brexit – for despite Johnson’s errors, the case for it remains overwhelming – is the wonderful accountability it enables. The chaos can no longer be blamed on Brussels’ policies, or European judges or anybody else. The buck stops at No 10."

The Prime Minister's key-note speech to conference next week may well decide his future. Unless vision and purpose are restored, his days are numbered.

The full article can be read below with a link to the original beneath it:

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