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Britain vows to stand 'shoulder to shoulder with our Australian friends' against Chinese aggression

Published: 15 June 2021

Fleet of UK warships heads to the South China Sea in show of support

  • British Prime Minster Boris Johnson backs Australia in its fight against China

  • Australia and the UK announced the two nations had penned a free trade deal

  • The deal will take some pressure off Aussie producers hit by Chinese sanctions

  • Mr Johnson said fleet of UK naval ships to Asia was sent to support Australia

The article begins:

Boris Johnson has slammed China's aggressive behaviour towards Australia in a move that's sure to anger Beijing officials, as the UK vows to stand 'shoulder to shoulder with our friend'.

The British prime minster made the comments following the announcement of a free trade deal between Australia and the UK on Tuesday, where he took aim at the authoritarian state and firmly backed his counterpart Scott Morrison.

'If you ask me what do I find difficult about the way China behaves, it's very obvious,' he said.

'And it was clear at the G7, clear at NATO. I think people are worried about what's happening to the Uighurs.

'They’re worried about the general repressions of liberties in Hong Kong, and some of the ways China behaves in its region, particularly towards Australia.'

Mr Johnson said 'we stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends' in the face of China's increasingly belligerent behaviour towards Australia.

'That's why we're sending a carrier strike group your way,' he said, referring to the seventh-month voyage of the HMS Queen Elizabeth which departed the UK in May set for the South China Sea.

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Britain vows to stand 'shoulder to shoul
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Here is another article on the same subject from the Telegraph by Matthew Lesh dated 15th June 2021 entitled:

"Don't be fooled by anyone, the Australia trade deal is better than anything we had in the EU"

Please click here for the article in pdf:

Don't be fooled by anyone, the Australia
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