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Can the UK government recover? Five Challenges for progress - by the Legatum Institute - 10.06.22

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The government could do worse than read the following policy prescription from the Legatum Institute as the first step along the road to political recovery. Published on 10th June, a fortnight before the latest by-election drubbing, it sets out five policy areas in urgent need of attention if the Johnson administration is to have any chance of recovering its political footing.

The list of complaints are well known: sleaze and incompetence at a personal and professional level, worries over cost of living, failure to explain and implement levelling-up, the continued onward march of ‘woke’ through our institutions and a complete lack of focus in tackling the unsustainable rates of immigration.

As the report concludes:

“Times of crisis are moments for change. The Government will only survive if it seizes the moment with both hands. A big policy push is a prerequisite for survival. Trust is more intangible. It is hard to earn and easy to lose. Time will tell if we have already passed the point of no return.”

The full article can be found here with a link to the original beneath it:

Article for the Legatum Institute - Can the UK government recover
. Five Challenges for pro

Daily Mirror

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