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Close All China Consulates, Slash Embassy Staff - The Gatestone Institute – 09.11.22

China's regime has established a police station in Manhattan, and reportedly has used it to track Chinese individuals of interest to the regime and, short-circuiting legal procedures, to persuade them to voluntarily return to China. One solution is to deny Chinese wrongdoers the safe havens they enjoy in America. China's principal safe heavens are its embassy and consulates says Gordon G. Chang.

"They are very bold because they know they can do as they like and the State Department won't do a damn thing." — Maura Moynihan, author, to Gatestone, October 2022.

Prior to the recent indictments, the U.S. government often let off Chinese agents with only a warning, sometimes because of intervention by the State Department. Law enforcement is essential, but it is hardly an answer to China's massive campaigns against the United States.

China uses every point of contact to try to bring down America, and American institutions are now being overwhelmed by the onslaught. It may sound drastic to some, but the survival of freedom and democracy in America critically depends on getting the Chinese regime out of the U.S.

The best way to do that is to expel the military officers, spies, agents, provocateurs and criminals finding protection in China's diplomatic presences in the United States. Nothing else would better communicate resolve to Beijing than getting dangerous Chinese actors off American soil.

The Biden administration should of course be shutting down the Chinatown police station, as well.

Americans in recent weeks have been outraged by reports that China's regime has established a police station on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in Chinatown.

The New York Post last month reported that the IRS-blacklisted ChangLe Association NY Inc., which had failed to file required reports for three consecutive years and thereby lost tax-exempt status in May, still owns and operates a "service station" at 107 East Broadway.

The location houses the Fuzhou Police Overseas Chinese Affairs bureau. The bureau's stated purpose is to help China's nationals with Chinese-government identification cards and drivers' licenses.

Beijing reportedly has also used the station to track Chinese individuals of interest to the regime and, short-circuiting legal procedures, to persuade those Chinese to voluntarily return to China.

Whether handling routine services or hunting down individuals, the bureau has been engaged in activities violating American sovereignty. The U.S. and China do not have an extradition treaty.

"This is a disgrace," said Beau Dietl, the celebrity retired NYPD detective, to the Daily Caller News Foundation. "How in God's name could they openly have these communist police stations in our country?"

Unfortunately, there is no mystery as to why the Chinese regime felt it could get away with this on American soil.

China's boldness is the result of Presidents Obama, Trump and Biden — and perhaps those before them — knowing about improper and illegal activities in America of Chinese consular officials and Ministry of State Security agents but choosing not to expel or punish the perpetrators.

America's highest elected leaders, in short, have failed to enforce American law against China.

We begin on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. During the afternoon of July 1 of last year, an armed security guard attached to the Chinese consulate in New York City caused facial injuries to Jane Stein, a Manhattan resident, as she was photographing a protest on the sidewalk outside the Chinese diplomatic outpost.

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Close All China Consulates, Slash Embassy Staff - by Gordon G
. Chang for The Gatestone Ins

Pictured: China's consulate in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images)

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