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Crisis, what crisis? by The Global Warming Policy Forum

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As part of our public policy remit, BringItBack will be scrutinising evidence on climate change and bring to your attention related articles from respected sources. By way of introduction we draw your attention to the enclosed report on global wheat production from Grain Central, brought to us courtesy of The Global Warming Policy Forum.

The GWPF's mission statement is to provide balanced science and policy research on the subject; argue for open and sceptical science; to provide unbiased and non-alarmist coverage; to argue against 'green unilateralism'; and, related, to reject economically damaging climate and energy policies and to campaign for cost-effective alternatives.

In the words of its Energy Editor, Dr John Constable “There is a strong case for reducing emissions as part of an insurance policy against climate change. However, the premium for that insurance policy must be affordable and proportional to the risk."

The article can be read in full in the enclosed pdf here >

World wheat crop tips record
Download PDF • 222KB

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