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Everything you need to know about the US-German deal on Nord Stream 2

JUST IN: It’s no longer just a pipe dream. Berlin and Washington have ended years of political wrangling by striking a deal over the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is slated to deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany. Critics have long argued that the project will increase Russia’s geopolitical influence across Europe while leaving Ukraine, a strategic Western partner, in the lurch. How will the United States and Germany balance business needs with security? And what price will Kyiv be forced to pay? We drilled down with our experts for answers.

For the full report from the Atlantic Council in pdf, please click here:

Everything you need to know about the US-German deal on Nord Stream 2
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The Financial Times dated 22nd July 2021 also adds these views from Jennifer Creery, Dervedia Thomas and Gordon Smith under this heading:

"Ukrainian officials furious over agreement on Russian gas over energy security fears"

Good morning. The US and Germany have reached a deal to resolve their longstanding dispute over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, including a promise by Berlin to impose sanctions against Moscow if it threatens its neighbours’ energy security.

But Ukrainian officials and several US lawmakers said Germany’s promises did not provide sufficient protection to American allies from potential Russian efforts to disrupt energy security.

US officials consider the pipeline a geopolitical project by Vladimir Putin to keep Europe dependent on Russian energy supplies while jeopardising the security of countries such as Poland and Ukraine.

Under the agreement announced yesterday, Berlin will set up a billion-dollar fund to promote Ukraine’s clean energy transition and appoint a special envoy to help Kyiv negotiate an extension of its gas transit agreements with Russia beyond 2024.

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