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Globalist Blunder: WEF-Controlled PayPal Unleashes Chinese Social Credit Ambitions Prematurely

BY Amy Mek Founder RAIR Foundation USA October 10, 2022

Based on PayPal and the WEF’s past statements, actions, and future goals, it is more likely they are mad they got caught, not sorry.

World Economic Forum’s (WEF) partner, PayPal, is walking back its new policy based on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “social credit” model after causing international outrage. Although PayPal claims its policy was released in error, it’s what the WEF and its “partners” have been threatening for years, a global social credit system that will give them the power to control citizens and punish those they deem “untrustworthy.”


In 2020, PayPal (which also owns Venmo) changed its policy, and the company coerced users to agree to a $2,500 PayPal fine if they violated their acceptable use policy.

Subsequently, on October 7, 2022, the globalist company announced that beginning November 3, 2022, PayPal would expand the existing list of prohibited activities and seize $2,500 per offense from users if the company deems someone guilty of spreading ‘misinformation’ or “discrimination” of groups or individuals based on gender identity.

“The new policy update from PayPal will permit the firm to sanction users who advance purported ‘misinformation’ or present risks to user ‘wellbeing’ with fines of up to $2,500 per offense,” explained the DailyWire,

The report added that the financial services company repeatedly has de-platformed and blacklisted organizations and individual commentators for their political views and was going to expand its existing list of prohibited activities on November 3. “Among the changes are prohibitions on ‘the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials that ‘promote misinformation’ or ‘present a risk to user safety or wellbeing.’ PayPal would also bar users from ‘the promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that are discriminatory.’”

The WEF-controlled company’s prematurely released criteria are subjective and violate fundamental due process and free speech principles. Furthermore, the socialist-led company would seize users’ funds based on their sole discretion.

The company reversed its policy after significant backlash. PayPal said in an email to the Epoch Times:

An AUP notice recently went out in error that included incorrect information. PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy. Our team is working to correct our policy pages. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.

Despite PayPal’s reversal, the WEF-controlled company is not to be trusted. In July of 2021, PayPal announced that it would spy on the transactions of its users and feed that data to far-left activists at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), as well as to law enforcement and policymakers.

According to Reuters, PayPal “will also look at networks spreading and profiting from antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic and anti-Asian bigotry.”

PayPal Globalist CEO Dan Schulman

The President and CEO of PayPal, socialist Dan Schulman, and his executive team are the World Economic Forum’s most vocal and influential partners, making them some of the most dangerous globalists in the world.

In February 2019, CEO Schulman admitted during an interview with the Wall Street Journal that PayPal works with the far-left extremists Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when it considers blacklisting conservatives.

After being asked by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) what “values” PayPal identifies with,” Schulman replied, “Probably the most important value to us is diversity and inclusion.”

“I think North Carolina was probably the moment that was the most visible, where we basically said this violates our core value, and we need to make a very public stand on it,” claimed Schulman, referencing the time when PayPal pulled out of an investment in North Carolina because the state passed a bill making it mandatory for people to use the bathroom of their biological sex.

“Businesses need to be a force for good in those values and issues they believe in. It shouldn’t come from backlash or people taking heat on it, because then it’s in response, as opposed to the definition of who you are and then how you react to the context that you find yourself in,” the PayPal CEO expressed, adding that the Charlottesville rally in 2017 was a “defining moment” for PayPal to start blacklisting conservatives.

Schulman claimed it “was a defining moment for us as a company,” that was “difficult” because “the line between free speech and hate, nobody teaches it to you in college. Nobody’s defined it in the law.”

In an interview with Fortune magazine and the WEF this year, Shulman doubled down on his decision in North Carolina, stating it was clear to me that this was a case of putting our values into action, and honestly, we had no choice but to make that decision.

During the WSJ interview, Schulman also admitted that the far-left SPLC helps to inform “PayPal’s decisions.” The SPLC also reportedly works with far-left technology giants Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

In September 2021, Gays Against Groomers, an activist coalition opposed to the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children, had its accounts blacklisted by PayPal. In its email to the child protection coalition, PayPal said the group had violated its Acceptable Use policy but did not say how.

The group’s founder, Jaimee Michell, stated that PayPal had chosen to stand with those sexualizing children:

They’re defending pedophiles and child predators and the entire ideology that is transitioning children and mutilating their bodies and using them as sex objects. That’s the side they want to stand with.

On WEF’s website, Shulman proudly boasts of supporting discriminatory policies, mass-illegal immigration, radical left-wing social policies, and fighting to strip Americans of their first amendment rights. Also, the CEO bragged of helping to implement founder Klaus Schwab’s vision of merging industry with governments (i.e., global socialism) through “stakeholder capitalism.

As reported at RAIR:

‘Stakeholder capitalism’ strips the profit motive from industry, forcing companies to ultimately be dependent on governments, who get their money from taxpayers. Obviously, this system would be unsustainable, but it is still embraced by the leftist elite. As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

What happens when the money dries up?

Technology will be a new tool for discrimination

For years the WEF has bragged about its plans to control individuals. In London on March 18, 2018, Yuval Noah Harari, the chief advisor to the World Economic Forum’s leader, Klaus Schwab, explained that in the very near future, technology would be a new tool for discrimination, not against groups but individuals.

In the event organized by the New York Times, Mr. Harari forecasted what lies ahead, “an age of algorithms and technology that could see us transformed into “super-humans” with godlike qualities.”

In the 20th century, discrimination was used against entire groups based on various biases. It was fixable, however, because those biases were not actual, and victims could join together and take political action. But in the coming years and decades, Mr. Harari said, “we will face individual discrimination, and it might actually be based on a good assessment of who you are.”

If algorithms employed by a company look up your Facebook profile or DNA and trawl through school and professional records, they could figure out pretty accurately who you are. “You will not be able to do anything about this discrimination first of all, because it’s just you,” Mr. Harari said. “They don’t discriminate against your being because you’re Jewish or gay, but because you’re you. And the worst thing is that it will be true. It sounds funny, but it’s terrible.”

Alternative Credit Scoring

The WEF’s digital identity scheme has been laying the foundation for a global social credit system that will give globalists the power to control citizens and punish those they deem “untrustworthy.”

A WEF report from February 2022 explains that third parties will make judgments based on your credit history, medical history, and online behaviors. For example, “A bank decides the attractiveness of an individual for a loan.”

Banks will take an individual’s social behavior, both online and offline, into account in the crediting process; This is called Alternative Credit Scoring, which leverages big data to analyze financial histories and social behaviors. Unfortunately, this type of system risks introducing a social credit system like the CCP, where access to goods and services is based on a person’s social behavior.

The WEF’s virtual meeting, which took January 25-29, added Alternative Credit Scoring to its agenda. Traditional credit scoring analyzes an individual’s financial behavior; Alternative Credit Scoring will also consider an individual’s social behavior.

Based on PayPal and the WEF’s past statements, actions, and future goals, it is more likely they are mad they got caught, not sorry.

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