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Greatest shipwreck since Mary Rose discovered off coast of Norfolk - by Jack Hardy for the Telegraph

On a more cheerful and fascinating note, we are delighted to share the following piece from the Telegraph 10.06.22, a nautical discovery kept under wraps for ten years and regarded as the most significant maritime find since the Mary Rose.

“It has lain undiscovered on the Norfolk sandbanks for hundreds of years, since sinking during a maritime disaster that almost killed the heir to the throne.

Now, the wreck of HMS Gloucester has been found by amateur divers in what experts have described as the most significant maritime discovery since the Mary Rose.

The royal ship ran aground and sank in 1682 while carrying the future King James II, a Catholic heir poised to inherit the Protestant throne from King Charles II at a moment of acute political and religious crisis in Britain.

Two brothers, Julian and Lincoln Barnwell, found the warship after spending four years combing thousands of miles of seabed, before embarking on a painstaking, years-long identification process.

It took another five years for historians to confirm that the wreck was the Gloucester. It was split down the keel and remains of the hull are submerged in sand, complicating the excavation.

In 2012, the ship’s bell was used by the Receiver of Wreck and the Ministry of Defence to identify the vessel, as it had the distinctive date of 1681 engraved into it.”

The full story is enclosed in the following article including a link to the original beneath it:

Article for the Telegraph by Jack Hardy - Greatest shipwreck since Mary Rose discovered of
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The wreck of HMS Gloucester, which sank off Norfolk in 1682, has been uncovered by amateur divers CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

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