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Iranian Mullahs Target Women, the West; Palestinians Target Jews - Gatestone Institute – 04.10.22

by Bassam Tawil who is a Muslim Arab based in the Middle East.

This latest wave of terrorism is the direct result of the massive campaign of incitement against Israel and Jews by many Palestinians, including those belonging to the Palestinian Authority headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinians have already made it clear that their true goal is to replace Israel, not live alongside it. The plan is to replace Israel with a fundamentalist Islamist state, controlled by the mullahs in Iran, who have no compunctions about beating an Iranian woman to death for not covering her hair.

If Iran's mullahs are committing such atrocities against their own people, it is not hard to imagine what they will do to their much-hated enemies... Iranian missiles, eventually with nuclear warheads, are clearly being developed not just for Israel.

Consider the "new Axis of Evil," Russia and Iran, complete with Iranian drones now being used by Russia against Ukraine. Imagine if those drones were, instead, nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles from Iran -- especially as Russia will reportedly be in charge of Iran's "compliance" and "excess" enriched uranium. An Iran with nuclear weapons would doubtless be a most welcome addition to Russia's proxy arsenal.

The Biden administration would be doing a great service to Jews and Arabs alike by calling out the Palestinians for their continued campaign of incitement to violence against Jews.

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Iranian Mullahs Target Women, the West - Palestinians Target Jews – by Bassam Tawil for Th
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PA President Mahmoud Abbas. (Image source: MEMRI)

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