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‘Mass immigration into the UK – the latest shocking figures’ – report from the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIBUK)

It is not often that CIBUK.Org takes the opportunity to offer up an editorial piece.  But such is the crisis now facing the country over its immigration policy that we feel compelled to speak out.

As the latest outstanding report from our research affiliate Brexit Facts4EU amply demonstrates, this is a crisis with a very long tail.  Thirty years long in fact.

Greeted initially with near unanimous approval from the governing and media elite, those in charge have been the very last to notice the profound effects that such a policy has had on the country. 

As the numbers continued to rise and pressure on our already overstretched public services reached breaking point,  those campaigning for this policy to be slowed or reversed have had a litany of abuse hurled in their direction - ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘gammon’ -and worse.

And yet by almost every measurable criterion, the consequences of mass, uncontrolled immigration have been wholly negative.  With cheap labour comes low productivity and even lower income per head, resulting in a net cost to the taxpayer as those at the bottom are given subsidised access to housing and public services while others who have waited for years, go without.

The effects on the social and cultural fabric of the country have also been profound.  Abandoning any notion of cohesion, we are now told by those in charge that ‘Diversity is Strength’.  This is a desperate fig leaf which has resulted in atomised communities turning in on themselves with no meaningful contact with the wider world at all.

Make no mistake whatever the politicians and mainstream media may wish, the forthcoming general election will have immigration at its core and any attempt to ignore or skate over it will amount to censorship or wilful distortion.  

For years the majority have remained silent. Or at least bitten their lip.  But even the British have their limits.  None have voted for this disastrous political experiment which continues unabated.  It remains a plague on the entire Establishment.  What the fall-out will be after the general election is anyone’s guess.

Of one thing we can be certain.  A moment of reckoning is at hand.

For this report in pdf, please click here:

‘Mass immigration into the UK – the latest shocking figures’
Download PDF • 194KB

Report by Ben Philips - CIBUK communications director.



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