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Net Zero Watch - Samizdat - Press Release 12 October 2021

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Welcome to Net Zero Watch -

Monday 11th October 2021 | Dr Benny Peiser

As the energy crisis in Britain and Europe worsens, it is becoming ever more evident that current climate and energy policies are failing, and the public is paying the price.

Net Zero Watch replaces the Global Warming Policy Forum and is here to provide serious analysis of naïve and un-costed decarbonisation policies.

Other activities undertaken by the Global Warming Policy Forum will henceforth be undertaken by the Global Warming Policy Foundation which is a registered charity:

To donate to the Global Warming Policy Foundation via PayPal, please use this link:

Our new campaign and website will shake the tree; scrutinising policies, establishing what they really cost, determining who will be forced to pay, and exploring affordable alternatives.

At Net Zero Watch, readers (and subscribers to our newsletter) will be able to examine the full spectrum of views and critical analysis, enabling our readers to access a credible reality check of official and alternative climate and energy policy research.

Following in the footsteps of the Global Warming Policy Forum, we will highlight the serious economic, societal and geopolitical impacts of poorly-considered policies, both domestically and internationally.

At the centre of our focus stands the energy crisis. With our domestic shale gas resources sitting untapped under an absurd government ban, gas prices are going through the roof. Net Zero Watch will challenge the wild claims of green activists and policy advisers about this venerable and benign technology, which has brought US gas prices down to a small fraction of those here.

As this year’s weather has shown, our decision to phase out fossil fuels and nuclear power and to rely more and more on wind farms for our electricity supply has had dangerous consequences. We will campaign to put affordability and security of supply back at the centre of the energy debate, and we will expose the risky wishful thinking behind many claims about energy storage.

Net Zero Watch will not shrink from the task of challenging those claims and upholding the principle – now forgotten in most of our academic institutions – of nullius in verba – take nobody’s word for it. And we will remind scientists and academic institutions of the damage their apocalyptic claims and prophecies are doing, to society, to the economy, and most of all to our children.

In recent months, there has been mounting public concern about the cost of the Net Zero target, and the media and a growing band of MPs have started to ask searching questions. These questions will only become more pointed as the energy crisis bites hard over the winter months. Green campaigners and the green business lobby are therefore rightly worried about a political backlash.

Net Zero Watch believes that a political backlash is long overdue. In essence, we stand at a new crossroads in the climate and energy debate.

For years, the people of this country have been corralled towards a future that they cannot see and cannot understand. But the energy crisis this winter will reveal what politicians and eco-activists have kept hidden – that in a Net Zero future you will be poorer and colder.

Net Zero Watch will reveal the painful truth that current climate and energy policies are leading to disaster. And we hope to demonstrate that conventional wisdom is now at a crossroads, and that there is another path we can take – to energy security, prosperity, and an end to green energy poverty.

We hope you will join us on that road.

Dr Benny Peiser Director, Net Zero Watch

Net Zero Watch

55 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QL

Benny Peiser is also the director of the Global Warming Foundation (GWPF) which can be contacted here:

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

55 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QL


© The Global Warming Policy Forum 2021

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