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Wake up! United Kingdom under threat. Articles on Comment Central by Tom Hewitt

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

So stark are the implications of Scottish Independence for the rest of the UK that we have given this essay a stand-alone status rather than as an addendum to earlier pieces by Robert Tombs and Jeremy Warner.

"For those in England emotionally unmoved by the concept of a united Britain, the practical impact of Scottish independence would also be huge," argues Comment Central's Tom Hewitt.

"A vote for Scottish independence would mark a repudiation of England and would be seen as such. With the loss of a third of the national territory, most of its energy resources, as well as 8 per cent of GDP and population, the remaining UK would be absolutely humiliated. Attempts to lead the way as 'Global Britain' would look ridiculous with Britain itself in the process of its own abolition."

"Additionally, there would be wider security implications. England would lose control over its northern defence, posing the risk of greater Russian military activity around the British Isles. With a more liberal Scottish border regime probable, it could prove harder to keep terrorists and violent offenders from entering the rest of the UK. The greatest danger would be China taking advantage of a vulnerable newly independent Scotland, perhaps with financial inducements, risking the safety of the whole archipelago."

The full pdf article can be read here >

Never has the threat of Scottish indepen
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Tom Hewitt has now published the second part of his articles on Scotland in Comment Central. This one is entitled: The SNP needs to get real about England.

Click on this link for the full article:

The SNP needs to get real about England
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