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Once a prime minister's authority goes, the end can be swift and brutal - by Philip Johnston

How long has Boris got? Not quite two years into his administration and already things are unravelling at an alarming rate. Hardly a day goes by without another broken promise or screeching policy U-turn and it is these rather than references to a porcine cartoon that should really concern the Prime Minister according to Philip Johnston in today's Telegraph:

"Whether or not the U-turns on tax, HS2, social care, Owen Paterson, the Northern Ireland Protocol, freeports and the rest were the right things to do, they were not what he said he would do and voters (and MPs) dislike broken promises more than anything else.

Mr Johnson has been sustained for two years by the fact that he delivered Brexit as promised and was seen, by and large, to have handled the pandemic as well as anyone could faced with the same circumstances. This afforded him the latitude to be himself. But there comes a point where his once full tank of goodwill is left to run on fumes alone and we may well have reached it."

The full article can be read here with a link to the original beneath it:

Article by Philip Johnston for the Telegraph - Once a prime minister’s authority goes^J th
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