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Regulators and quangos are ripe for removal and reform - by Tim Pope FCA for Brexit Watch

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tim Pope begins his article with these words:

WE HAVE MORE REGULATORS than you can shake a stick at. They can take many forms.

In 2016 the government listed nearly 500 Quangos. There are nearly 100 regulatory bodies in the UK. Over the years they grow like topsy. They start out with a singular purpose and focus. They appear to be an attractive option for government to remove itself from responsibility. If things go badly the regulator or Quango has failed. If they go well the Government takes the credit.

An enormous amount of public money passes through their hands. Despite repeated government announcements of their intention to have a bonfire of Quangos and regulation, it never seems to happen. In the meantime they grow and take more control of our lives.

Let us ask the question, what are some of the dramatic changes in social attitudes to our personal responsibilities that have occurred over recent decades?

The most widely noticed change is the degree to which health and safety now governs almost all aspects of our lives. Common sense has gone out of the window. Radiators without a sign to say it might be hot result in the downgrading by the Quality body of their assessment of an outstanding doctors’ practice.

For more of this article, please download this pdf file:

Article for Brexit Watch by Tim Pope FCA
Download • 17KB

Tim Pope's article was followed by an extensive article from the Tax Payers' Alliance and was circulated by us with this eye catching heading:

Tax Payers' Alliance article on quangos that last year cost a total of £206 billion

Here is the article in doc format to enable the reader to follow the links in the article.

Download • 36KB

Photo by courtesy of: shane-rounce-YTDATZz_q1M-unsplash

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