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Revealed : Why COP27 is just a lot of very expensive hot air - Campaign for an Independent Britain

Whether you’re a tree-hugger or a climate change sceptic, everyone should at least know the facts. Press release from CIBUK - 09.11.22

And on one fact at least, all climate change scientists can agree. Coal is the largest producer of CO2 emissions.

As the UN’s Secretary General tells us all “The End of the World is Nigh”, CIBUK ( – the oldest-established organisation for independence, freedom and democracy in the UK – and its affiliate Facts4EU.Org– show conclusively that in relation to CO2 emissions from coal, the United Kingdom is not a principal offender and should not be required to pay to put things right.

So who are the principal offenders? In every metric on greenhouse gases one country stands out: China On electricity power generation from coal-fired power stations

  1. China: 52.1%

  2. India: 12.4%

  3. United States : 9.6%

  4. European Union : 4.3%

  5. Japan: 2.9%

The UK is at No. 41 (after Mongolia) at 0.1% On most coal-fired power stations (below)

Putting the UK into the EU context, the United Kingdom's figure for burning coal for electricity generation is just 1.48% of the EU's total. Together, Germany and Poland account for 67% of the EU's total. Compared with the UK, Germany burns an astonishing 45 times more coal for electricity than the UK.

Commenting, CIBUK’s Communications Director Ben Philips said:

“When it comes to CO2 emissions from coal, the UK has been an exemplar in recent years by reducing its carbon footprint to a minimum. The idea that the UK should now pay reparations when it is leading by example is preposterous. As the enclosed report makes clear, the real offenders lie elsewhere which is where the urgent pressure needs to be applied.”

CIBUK reveals the enormity of China’s involvement in coal-powered electricity generation in a hard-hitting and alarming report which you can read in full here:

For editors and journalists:

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We are available for further comments if required – see contact details below.

Ben Philips

Comms Director, CIBUK (

+44 7947 751982

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