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Russia renews its assault on eastern Ukraine - by Natasha Frost for The New York Times - 23.05.22

Ukrainian and Russian forces traded fresh blows yesterday near Sievierodonetsk, military authorities and analysts said, as Moscow renewed its push toward the city, one of the last major Ukrainian strongholds in a key part of the east.

As the war reaches the end of its third month, Moscow has narrowed its military objectives to capturing small portions of Ukraine, with its forces working their way east to west. Capturing Sievierodonetsk would give Russian forces control of Luhansk, one of two provinces that make up the Donbas region in Ukraine’s east.

Western nations have substantially increased their aid to Ukraine, seeking to tip the balance as the conflict grows more protracted and costly. Late last week, the U.S. Senate approved $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. Russia has warned that Western nations will pay unspecified consequences for helping Ukraine.

In other news from the war:

Follow the latest updates from the war. Please click here for the details and images from Day 88 of the war in pdf:

What Happened on Day 88 of the War in Ukraine - for the New York Times - 22.05.22
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Ukrainian troops firing artillery at Russian positions in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine yesterday.Ivor Prickett for The New York Times

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