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Top scholars fightback against 'woke' misreading of history - by Camilla Turner for the Telegraph

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Leading academics join forces for History Reclaimed campaign aimed at calling out misleading narratives about historical figures

"In academic circles, there has been growing consternation at the steady march of “woke” ideology which has seen statues pulled down, university degrees “decolonised” and museum exhibits relabelled or removed altogether.

Now some of the country’s most eminent professors have decided that enough is enough.

No longer content to stay silent, they are mounting a fightback as they say “distortions” and “blatantly false” readings of history have become so widespread that they threaten to undermine Western civilisation.

Robert Tombs, emeritus professor of history at the University of Cambridge, said that there has been increasing “alarm” among his colleagues at the sustained attack that historical figures have come under in recent years.

Pulling down Colston is one thing, but cancelling Gladstone, Robert Peel, Churchill… This is not simply an attack on people connected with slavery. It is an attack on our whole historical tradition,” he said.

“I think the wokeness is probably coming from a very active minority, but one which is in fact rather influential in academia and in institutions like museums. But I don’t think it has very much public support."

The full article can be read here with links to other related educational issues beneath it.

Article for the Telegraph by Camilla Turner - Top scholars launch fightback against woke b
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As an addendum to the above, we include a follow-up report by The Telegraph on the work being undertaken by the History Reclaimed group which we enclose below:

Telegraph View - The academics fight back - Opinion article from the Telegraph - 30.08.21
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