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Tories can no longer avoid telling hard truths about the route out of this mess - 11.08.22

“Every generation must restate its values in the light of present challenges and of past experience.”

(Margaret Thatcher)

If Liz Truss is to make good her pledge to honour the legacy of The Iron Lady she will have the battle of her life on her hands the moment she enters Downing Street according to Lord David Frost in an article for the Telegraph.

Britain is experiencing an institutional rot akin to that which nearly brought this country to its knees in the 1970s. The specifics may differ, but the similarities are striking: apathy and arrogance, a culture of despair, a lack of belief and a deep reluctance to change:

“Suggest that the Bank of England hasn’t got everything right and you will be told, as by one member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Michael Saunders, that “the foundations of the UK monetary policy framework are really important, and best left untouched”.

Suggest, as the Attorney General did this week, that judges on the ECHR don’t always get it right, and you will find yourself told by George Peretz QC that you are dealing in “crude civil law vs common law stereotypes that seem to be prevalent in the hard Brexit/anti-ECHR community”.

Criticise the Civil Service, and the former head of the Government Legal Service, Jonathan Jones, will tell you that you are being “crass”, “completely unfair” and “damaging morale and trust”.

Suggest that lower taxes help business, and you will be told by world-weary economists and commentators that business investment is not affected by business taxation. (Tell that to all the businesses that moved to Ireland in recent years.)

These people will oppose any worthwhile change. It is time to stop listening to them.”

On the issue of energy, the author is even more critical:

“The choice by net zero proponents to rely on renewables and interconnectors, and to run down storage, means we face blackouts, hideous business-crushing costs, and people shivering and dying in the cold.

The people responsible for this are as culpable as the “guilty men” whose policies ended up with German tanks at the Channel coast in 1940. They must be swept away from Day One.”

Lord Frost urges Liz Truss to be brave. On the current consensus he says:

“give it a kick and it will come crashing down. Then we can move forward.”

The full article can be read below with a link to the original here:

Article by David Frost for the Telegraph - Tories can no longer avoid telling hard truths
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CREDIT: Manchester Daily Express

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