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Want to see our energy future? Just look at Britain’s mess – The Australian – 26.08.22

Thousands of people will die in Europe this winter because of energy policies driven by a climate action agenda — not Putin’s war. It’s a global obscenity, dressed up as saving the planet says Chris Kenny - Associate Editor (National Affairs) for The Australian.

Thousands of elderly and poor people will die in Europe this winter because of energy policies driven by a climate action agenda. The virtue-signalling actions of the so-called elites have forced energy costs so high that many on fixed incomes will scrimp on heating so they can afford food.

Instead of starving, they will die from hypothermia. Reputable studies show this problem leads to between 3000 and 10,000 extra deaths in Britain every year but it is likely to be much worse this coming winter because of the severe energy crisis.

Bloomberg reports average annual household energy costs will almost double in Britain to about £3500, or more than $6000. British media reports people preparing to spend winter in a single room to reduce heating; and estimates say governments could spend £100bn shielding consumers from additional costs.

Most media and politicians, invested as they are in climate action and net-zero ambitions, ignore the real reasons for Europe’s energy vulnerability and blame it all on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukraine invasion.

In reality, the renewables obsession has destroyed energy resilience, leaving most European nations exposed.

If you want to see Australia’s energy future, look to Europe now. We are a few steps behind on the same path, but Anthony Albanese and Energy Minister Chris Bowen (and for that matter NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean and leader of the opposition in the Senate Simon Birmingham) are determined to catch up quickly – like climate kamikaze pilots, they can think of nothing worse than missing their UN targets.

GB News presenter and Anglican Deacon Calvin Robinson says people in the United Kingdom are being forced to choose between “heating and eating”. “That is a dire strait that no one should find themselves in,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “People are turning off their boilers, More

This is a global obscenity, dressed up as saving the planet. While the poor suffer and die, celebrities and politicians take private jets to climate conferences, staying in thermostat-controlled hotels and preaching climate alarmism.

There is no doubt policies advocated by climate alarmists have caused dislocation and unemployment, and cost lives, and they will deliver more pain in the future. But while the politicians, activists and media promise a fanciful future immunity from natural disasters – a climate nirvana – we cannot say their actions will deliver any benefit.

We do not know whether global emissions will trend down – that has not happened yet, and we cannot control what China, Russia, India or the many countries of Africa and other parts of the world may choose to do. Like we did, they might want to lift their people out of poverty by supplying affordable and reliable power.

Besides, scientists cannot be sure what benefits reduced emissions will deliver because they are not certain about the interaction between natural climate oscillations and anthropogenic impacts. We are being urged by all and sundry to inflict certain and ongoing pain for the possibility of ill-defined gains. Little wonder the information flow and political debate is so shallow and deceptive. If they trusted the public with the truth, all hell would break loose.

Even as reality unfolds in Europe, their instinct is to hide it. Last weekend ABC television news reported on draconian electricity rationing in Spain as a cutesy human-interest story about Spaniards taking an energy hit to help other Europeans reliant on Russian gas.

There was not even a passing mention of Spain’s dramatic renewables push and the closure and demolition of most of its coal-fired power generation. We were told Spain’s energy crisis was caused by Putin, even though the country does not use Russian gas.

It made no sense. Yet ignorance could not be their excuse – the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent filed from Spain only last year, lauding it as the socialist model of transitioning from coal to renewables. They knew. But they dared not tell.

It is the same with coverage of Germany and Britain, which have mothballed coal-fired power, pushed renewables and even tried to slide away from nuclear. This is what has made them less self-reliant, and more exposed to the vagaries of demand and supply, and Russia.

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Want to see our energy future - Just look at Britain’s mess - article by Chris Kenny for t
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The renewables obsession has destroyed energy resilience, leaving most European nations exposed.

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