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Why UK law must prevail over the EU Withdrawal Agreement - by Martin Howe QC

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The Withdrawal Agreement has exposed appalling weaknesses in Britain's current negotiating position with the EU argues Martin Howe in this week's Politeia. which simply have to be plugged even if this entails 'breaking international law' itself a widely misreported and misunderstood concept.

Here is the article in pdf:

Article for Politeia by Martin Howe QC 2
Download • 82KB

Since Politeia published the above article, the Telegraph published this article on the 1st October at 19.00 by Martin Howe QC and Clive Thorne entitled:

  • Given the EU's bad faith, it cannot bring to heel a sovereign Britain

The full article can be downloaded here.

Article by Martin Howe QC and Clive Thor
Download • 50KB

Martin Howe Q.C. then returned to this subject in this article for The Spectator dated 20th October 2020 entitled:

  • Why Boris should reject this Brexit deal

Article by Martin Howe QC for the Specta
Download • 42KB

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